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Law Society Journal
Friday 17th November, 2023

People with disability have the ‘right to the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms’, in accordance with Australia’s international obligations under the Convention on the…

Wednesday 9th August, 2023
Officials said the fire broke out at 6:30am (local time) at the house in Wintzenheim, near the German border, and firefighters quickly put it out. "We think we have located the 11
UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Tuesday 6th December, 2022
This scoping report provides insights on how strengthening the connection between disaster risk reduction (DRR) and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) could reinforce efforts to
Kathleen R. Bogart Ph.D
Psychology today
Wednesday 16th November, 2022
"Most of the changes we need to make to be safe during a pandemic were already part of my day-to-day life. I realized how much wisdom, skill, and resourcefulness I
When COVID-19 arrived on Australian shores in 2019, people with disability knew that they would be adversely affected.  But their very real concerns were ignored which heightened the level of
Hannah Turner
Yahoo Lifestyle Australia
Tuesday 13th September, 2022
But while race and income have been commonly used as factors in predicting climate change vulnerability, there is another specific form of risk that's vital to recognize, too: that of
Luke Henriques-Gomes
Guardian Australia
Monday 29th August, 2022
Sometimes it meant “14 days without a shower”, Colin said. "I‘ve got no support, I’ve got nothing. I’ve got no way of cooking food, there is no fridge …
Dyah Pitaloka
Monash Lens
Wednesday 10th August, 2022
Many have admitted the pandemic impacted their wellbeing and financial capabilities. Already present with disadvantages, people living with disability face even more restrictions during this period.
University of Sydney
Medical Express
Monday 8th August, 2022
People with disability and their caregivers experienced profound impact and systemic neglect during and after the 2017 Northern Rivers floods, with many still unable to access stable housing, and at
Eve Jeffery
Monday 18th July, 2022
Ms Cox says the world continues to collectively experience a global situation of risk, the pandemic continues, armed conflicts, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters continue to happen. ‘Despite these events,
Danielle Kutchel
Wednesday 13th July, 2022
“People have experienced a lot of fear, illness, isolation and neglect,” explained Dominic Golding, policy officer at National Ethnic Disability Alliance. “COVID has had a really big impact on
Danielle Kutchel
Friday 8th July, 2022
The Provider Choice research report, COVID-19 and the NDIS, found that for many participants, digital delivery of services was inadequate during the pandemic, and face-to-face was preferred, in a finding