Emergency Management

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Clay Lucas and Rachel Clun
Herald Sun
Tuesday 20th April, 2021
Australia’s more than 6000 disability homes were to be among the first to receive vaccinations under phase 1a of the plan released by Mr Hunt in January. But a parliamentary
Jodie Bailie, Jo Longman, Michelle Villeneuve, Ross Bailie, Veronica Matthews
The Conversation
Saturday 17th April, 2021
Disasters like flooding can worsen social inequalities around health and housing. For people with disability, however, the effect can be especially profound.
Christopher Knaus
The Guardian
Friday 26th March, 2021
nd and low-vision Australians are being shut out of the Covid-19 vaccination process because the government’s eligibility checker and clinic finder website fail to meet basic web accessibility standards, according
Kerrie O'Brien
The Age
Monday 8th March, 2021
In moves to address climate change, many of us make assumptions about how to make a difference. Stop using straws, get rid of packaging, use less air-conditioning. But what if
Luke Michael
Pro Bono News
Monday 8th February, 2021
A disability royal commission report in December found that the federal government failed to make any significant effort to consult with people with disability or their representative organisations during the
Michelle Villeneuve
The Conversation
Monday 11th January, 2021
Disaster planning for people with disability matters. We perpetuate inequality with every step we don’t take, and risk entrenching disadvantage. And if you make things inclusive for people with disability,
Andrew Pulrang
Monday 28th December, 2020
I have lived over 50 years with my lifelong disabilities. I thought my understanding of disability was fully formed and realistic. But I think that in the long run, what
Evan Young
SBS News
Friday 11th December, 2020
During times of crisis, critical information is often communicated visually, but in response to the experiences of Australians who are blind and low-vision in the Black Summer bushfires, Vision Australia
El Gibbson
Tuesday 1st December, 2020
My GP told me to isolate a week or two before the lockdown, after the kind of conversation that I never want to have again. I was lucky: I already
Sophie Yates, Helen Dickinson, Catherine Smith & Massimiliano Tani
Wednesday 25th November, 2020
This research abstract reports on a survey of over 700 families that explored how Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supported children and young people and their families to learn
Honourable Tony Pagone QC and Lynelle Briggs AO
Aged Care Royal Commission
Thursday 1st October, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest challenge Australia's aged care sector has faced. Those who have suffered the most have been the residents, their families and aged care staff.
Luke Henriques-Gomes
The Guardian
Monday 30th November, 2020
“But the impact of the pandemic on many people with disability, especially those with high support needs, would have been significantly ameliorated if the Australian government had complied fully with