This campaign is calling for people with disability who are not eligible for the NDIS to stop falling through the cracks. These people should have equitable access to the assistive technology they need to lead full and active lives.

People who qualify for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) get well-funded and dedicated access to assistive technology.  But the NDIS was only ever meant to support about 10 per cent of people with disability.  An estimated 800,000 people under 65, and people older than 65 do not qualify for the NDIS.

Assistive technology benefits us and our communities. It allows us to stay involved in public life, stay working if we want to, remain in our homes, and look after ourselves.

We are asking the Australian Government to establish a single National Assistive Technology Program for all people who are not eligible for the NDIS, both younger and older.