3.13 Other

During the 2012-16 reporting period, disability advocates reported assisting 54 people with issues they categorised as ‘other’ in an average three month period.


Figure 19: Reports of advocacy issues categorised as 'other'



These data appear to fluctuate, with no trend observable.


Case study: Assistance with local government notifications

Vanessa* can experience significant health consequences from nearby spraying and roadworks. As a result, she asked her local council to implement a Notification Register to alert her when spraying and roadworks will occur in her area.

When Vanessa’s attempts with the council were unsuccessful, she engaged an advocate. The advocate contacted the council and spoke to the Director of Planning and Infrastructure and followed up with an email outlining the issue.

The Director took the issue to the environment team and a trial implementation of a notification register was agreed upon, with Vanessa being notified via mail, email and text. The Director also provided his personal details for Vanessa to contact him directly should any issues arise, so he could address them.

* names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals