I am not a number: Do NDIS reforms put people into boxes?

“The new proposal seeks to take 500,000 people and divide them up into … personas or types or disability boxes to feed a score into one of 400 boxes. That then gives a plan to somebody without any real reference to what my individual needs are, or what somebody else’s individual needs are.

“That doesn’t make sense. It takes us back to the old system, in which … the funder says: Here’s what we provide, we’re going to fit you into whatever we offer, rather than the other way around, which is to say to the people with disabilities themselves: How do you live your lives? What are the consequences of your disability? And therefore, how can we make sure that we arrange for you the funding for the support that you need to live your life.”

Nick Fuller
Canberra Weekly
Friday 28th May, 2021

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