Disability Royal Commission

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Disability Royal Commission
Tuesday 14th September, 2021
Respondents proposed a raft of changes for the Royal Commission to consider including The lack of focus on prevention of abuse and neglect of people with disability and the need
Disability Royal Commission
Tuesday 24th August, 2021
The report examines existing research to gain a better understanding of both risk and protective factors relating to why some members of society cause harm to people with disability. A
Patrick Laverick
ABC Ballarat
Wednesday 25th August, 2021
Ballarat-based Grampians disAbility Advocacy (GdA) has launched a video to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to share stories with the Disability Royal Commission.  This Is My Story gives voice to the experiences of
Samuel J Murray
Disability Royal Commission
Thursday 22nd July, 2021
The report provides a general description of how Commonwealth funding for education operates; a detailed explanation of how laws regulating education for students with disability function in each jurisdiction; and
Disability Royal Commission
Thursday 10th June, 2021
The report analyses and summarises the evidence presented during public hearing 6.  It suggests that psychotropic medication, which are drugs that affect a person’s mind, emotions or behaviour, is being over-prescribed to
Josh Dye
Thursday 27th May, 2021
“And the reason Sunnyfield refused to participate in a conciliation is that you had already decided to evict Melissa and you did not wish to have any conciliation until after
Rachel Clun
Thursday 29th April, 2021
Almost three months into the COVID-19 vaccination program the federal government is still working out the best way to immunise people with disabilities despite their inclusion in the first two
Disability Royal Commission
Wednesday 28th April, 2021
People with disability are often called ‘inferior’, ‘a burden’, or ‘a menace’. They say people assume they are ‘of no value’, ‘not fully human’, ‘objects of pity’, ‘eternal children’ or
Disability Royal Commission
Tuesday 13th April, 2021
Restrictive practices limit a person’s rights or freedom of movement and come in various forms. Seclusion, such as locking someone in a room, using restraints like handcuffing someone to a
Disability Royal Commission
Monday 12th April, 2021
Disability Employment Services (DES) were singled out and concerns were raised about their design and implementation.  Some responses said the very service that was established to help people with disability
Massilia Aili
Wednesday 17th March, 2021
Advocates are calling for change after a report found people with a disability are twice as likely to experience sexual and physical violence than those without a disability.
Tuesday 2nd March, 2021
Dr Cathy Kezelman, President at Blue Knot Foundation and Mary Mallett, CEO of  Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA), talk about counselling,support and referral pathways and where advocacy fits into this